“Drawing is about what one makes others see after an experience”.

D4L is an experimental pilot project which is born to develop the drawing as a language and use it for therapeutic and educational purposes. The gesture tracing is the organic mark that defines a feature of universal identity.

Once children or/and adults are developing a gesture process, from their own personal game, and are not conditioned by judgment about the sense of subjectivity or aesthetics of construction, instinctive behaviors and responses arise from the organic memory that they are represented by these gestures.

“There will be no peace on earth if we are not at peace with childhood.”

André Stern

What is D4L?

D4L is an educational art project which supports and encourages a refugee’s outlook and individual focus after trauma through Visual Arts. Drawing 4 Life uses arts and culture to encourage and nurture individual capacities.

Resiliency, as fostered by creativity, imagination, and the art-therapies, is a determinate factor in managing the impact of adversity.

This project begins in Serres, a northern city in Greece….

Why drawing?

Drawing is as basic and essential mode of expression as is language and writing.
Since childhood, children begin drawing basic primary figures using squiggly in swirls, dots or any other basic form which give them free rein to artistic self-expression as a visual language…

How does it happen?

D4L runs art workshops to complement the main project for people.
Workshops are important to encourage the gesture.

Gestures are movements of the body that express an intention but the intention is an ambiguous and subjective concept, unique and personal which came from our purest inner…

It was such a new sensory experience, their thoughts were on both the magic that was happening with using their feet and hands and the logistics of making it work.

In collaboration with:

Thanks to Hayley and LHI’ crew, especially to Hannah and Sami to support and helping in this project. Special thanks to the Yazidi community.