What’s now…


This a solo exhibition, which starts in my born-town, Albacete, Spain. The location is the brewery, Buena Pinta.

This brewery is located in the heart of Albacete with a wide variety of imported and craft beer, as well as freshly made homemade food. They are committed to local art and we have a space dedicated to temporary art exhibitions.

It’s an oniric trip through the foam of beer. It’s a visual tour composed by 20 works based on different foam densities
that generate the beer, and in turn, define visual references.

Monstle” is the title and the combination of the English words “monster” + “ale”.

These words refer to the context of the series artistic. These works represent abstract ways, foam that originates each beer in different formats, either in a jar, cup, or glass. The different styles of beers selected for this exhibition

Monstle is the nexus between Art and brewery. The process of this series started searching for the link and the element to be represented in different formats and shapes.

They are Brewdog Haze Jane, Brewdog Punk IPA, Duvel Belgium, La Chuffe, or Samuel Smith Imperial Stout.

The works created for this series are made with means
and analog techniques and later edited digitally for reproduction.

On this map, we can see the selected processes and references to carry out different works. The process that causes the foam sticks to the different containers are thanks to that the bubbles collide with each other them, derived from the action of the carbon dioxide, and in contact with the
surface adheres to it.

Each work is intervened with Chinese ink, acrylic, soluble and dry graphite.

The aesthetic aspect is nourished by references to artists ranging from Pablo Picasso or others from the Spanish Collective “El Paso” like Antonio Saura, Manolo Millares, Antonio Tápies, or Joan Miró to Contemporary illustrator Ralph Steadman.

This trip, whose link is beer, has been
created between the “bridge” Albacete – Bristol.

Here you can find the different models, formats, and surfaces. Rounded and squared blank coasters were used to create these abstract biomorphs. The quality of the

“Have a drink? Wait while I ring for some beer!”

H. Hemingway